Getting it all done.

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Hey friends! It has been almost a month since I launched this blog and I have done exactly what I have done in the past. I guess old habits really do die hard. It is so easy to let life get in the way of what you want to accomplish but at some point enough is truly enough. It gets old and produces a feeling of defeat.  

As a multi passionate person,  I have about 20 new ideas a day and I struggle with doing one thing at a time. I tackle one to many things to hardly accomplish the very first thing I set out to do. Recently, I have realized how unintentional I have been in my day to day and how scatter brained I become.

This takes me back to when I was younger and my mother would remind me daily to FOCUS!

When I was a kid, I wasn’t on punishment, I was on “focusment”. During this time, my mother would tell me to focus on what is important to me and push me to achieve my goals without the distraction of friends and extra activities. I thought she was a little weird dressing up my punishments as a chance to achieve great things, but there was a method to her madness.

See friends, Everything cannot be a priority!

So as I sit here in this restaurant typing these words, I challenge you to join me as I improve my day to day with these steps of “focusment”:


I feel, in order to start something and focus on dreams, you must, first, bring focus to what you have already accomplished and what you have sitting right in front of you. I believe this will eliminate the “ If I could just have this, I would be happy” feeling. You probably could be happy if you start your process with gratitude.

2.Set goals.

No more wishing, hoping, and praying that it will happen. Write it down. What are you trying to accomplish today? Start small with daily goals. Small victories give you the momentum to achieve the big wins.

3.Stop comparing.  

Come on sis, I know you’re doing it! I know I do, and it is exhausting. This is where I am going to struggle. We live in world where we are constantly looking at what other people are doing. Focus on you, your goals, and your family! In my Miranda Priestly voice, “that is all”!

4.Check the facts, and stop caring!

Rachel Hollis’ words keep circling in my head, “someone else’s opinion of you, is none of your business.” So stop caring about it. Keep it moving, and stop limiting yourself because of WHAT YOU THINK SOMEONE ELSE IS THINKING! Half of the time, you’re making up in your head anyway.

5.Go slow!

Remember the tortoise wins the race. You want to get there, but you want to trust the process. Go slow, trust your process. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

So friends, write this down, take a picture, or you can bookmark this page (wink, wink)! But just promise me you will stick with the plan.  Need accountability? We have each other.

Talk to you soon !