Three weeks in!

Happy 3rd Friday of the New Year friends! How is it going for you all, so far ??

So much has happened for me already and I am super excited for more! This post was intendeded for your reading January 1, but life happened, and happened hard. So here we are 3 weeks in!

Let me just say, I am glad we made it to 2019! I’m so excited to see all the motivation and new journeys people are taking on. Big things are happening for so many people and I can’t wait to be apart of some of them.

After missing my deadline on January 1, I figured I’d take the time to grow a list of 52 GOALS, not resolutions. I think I said it before, but I’ll say it again for the people in the back, I don’t like resolutions. They are usually drastic changes that someone wants to make but they set the bar unrealistically high. This leads to a feeling of defeat and self doubt. Naw, I’m good. Been there done that.

Instead I decided to make small goals. Giving myself a year to push and work towards things I keep saying it’s time for me to do. There are 52 weeks in a year…1 thing a week, theoretically. Now, this was A LOT harder than I thought. Most of the things I am trying to accomplish and make a habit, fall into catagories. So I am starting with 25 ( kind of) and will update as time goes on. Here they are:

  1. 52 DIFFERENT dates with hubby, no baby ! We have already done 2 !

  2. 52 self care days, just me, no baby! One is in the bag!

  3. Experience 12 new restaurants (I am a creature of habit)

  4. Grow Bmoore Mom

    a.update website

    b. Consistent posting

    c. Logo

    d. Email list

  5. Grow Bmoore Creations

    a. Website

    b. Logo/ sinage

    c. Consistent Posting

  6. Attend a cooking class or two or three

  7. Attend at least 3 networking events

  8. AJ takes charm city- we go to different events/ places around Baltimore

  9. Begin a moms group- not sure of all details, but moms need support.

  10. Cook through a cookbook, Julie and Julia style !

  11. Read 12 different books

  12. Learn photography

  13. 3 staycations

  14. 1 road trip

  15. Visit the lion brand and purlsoho yarn shops in New York

  16. Find an esthetician and stay consistent- my skin needs loving

  17. Make nine 2019- make 9 projects for myself

  18. 2 styled shoots!

  19. Monthly friend dates

  20. Host a Friendsgiving

  21. Get to my 2014 weight.

  22. Write a will. This is important even if you “think”you don’t have anything. Write one, and update accordingly.

  23. Update life insurance policies.

  24. Enroll back in school

  25. Update and organize filing system.

You still with me?? Good! I hope this was a reminder of those goals you may have set for the new year. I will be checking in monthly to update the list, follow along or don’t. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Before I end, I would love to hear what goals you’ve set for yourself? Are you still setting them, tweaking them? Let me know!

Talk to you soon !