Things to do with your little human !

Well hello Friends!

Long time no post but I’m here to check in with everyone and hopefully hear how you all are doing! If this is your first time visiting Bmoore mom, I encourage you to check out my very first post to read why I’m home with my baby and taking a break from work!

For me, being at home with AJ meant I had to really put myself out there to do things, for my sanity and for his development. We are not doing daycare because, honestly, the price is more than we can afford.

I knew I wanted to socialize AJ as much as possible, which meant, I had to find activities that included other children.

To google I went. I literally just searched “things to do with children” and alas, an endless amount of opportunities for myself and the kid.

We started with storytime. Storytime is offered through the Enoch Pratt library system. Lots of interaction, singing, and babies! Fortunately for me, I met some other moms in the same boat as me and we connected, which led to more things to do!

So far we have experienced:

  1. The Maryland Science Center. For the friends following along, you may remember the Science center was on the list of things to do this year. While AJ is not old enough to fully benefit from all the things, there is a room where he can explore, interact, and roam freely!

  2. The Zoo. Either the Maryland or the National Zoo. Recently we went to the Maryland Zoo and it was easy to engage AJ in what was around him. He was fascinated with ALL THE THINGS!

  3. Storyville. A FREE place. And I don’t care how much money you make, we all love FREE. Storyville is located in the Woodlawn and Rosedale county library branches.

  4. Kiddie Crusoe. Similar to storyville, however there is a fee for admission. It is also a lot going on in the space, so I, personally, recommend waiting until your little human is exploring and walking or close to doing so.

    Below are upcoming places we are going to visit.

  1. African American Museum

  2. Walters Art Museum

  3. The Aquarium

  4. Port Discovery (which is currently under construction but hosting pop-ups, detailed on their website!)

Still with me ? Good! Now majority of these places are free admission for little people under a certain age but have a fee for adults. Here are some recommendations to minimize cost, if you plan to frequent these places:

MEMBERSHIPS. MEMBERSHIPS. MEMBERSHIPS. I know The Zoo, Science Center, and The Aquarium offer memberships. You can either purchase these memberships yourself (if you plan on visiting often) or request them at your baby shower (maybe to soon) or for your kid’s 1st birthday. You may not use them right away, but you’ll be happy you have them on reserve!

Search for discounts! Groupon is a good place to start! You can also search the specific website for discount days and events.

That’s all I have for you today. And I truly hope I gave you some ideas on how to keep your little person occupied! And lastly, if you’re a mom in the Maryland area and have other ideas , I would LOVE to hear them!

Talk soon,